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Renovate and Redefine Your Digital Occurrence with our Website Redesigning Company

Users interact with sophisticated and modern websites on a daily basis. If your website is not in-line with current trends, it may indicate to users that your company is outdated. Even if you think your current website design is the best, after a while a website redesign is totally necessary. BRS is the best Website Redesigning Company in India.

Some of the major benefits of redesigning your website with us are :

  • Improves user experience (UX) and ROI
  • Great exposure to digital marketing
  • Increases social authority and website traffic

Our Website Redesign Process

What Would You Get?

All our website redesign strategies aim at one thing – to progress the bottom line of a business. BRS take inputs from clients, do competitor examination, and comprehend design dynamics to come up with a new project that gets you more traffic, ultimately growing the revenue. At Brand Roof Solutions Website Redesigning Company, here’s what you get : –


Responsive website is the need of the hour. It must show perfectly on smartphones, laptops, tablets, and computers. We design responsive websites for an optimum response rate and adaptation.


Every business has a diverse set of consumers, thus, no two websites can have a related design. Brand Roof Solutions offers tailored website redesign services so that your brand has an individual identity.


We don’t want price to be a barrier in redesigning an inspiring website for clients. Whether you are a small business or enterprise or a start-up, we have affordable packages to suit your requirements and fit into the bill.

Features - 100% Website Protection

Brand Roof Solutions website maintenance program ensures that your site is always updated and secured. Our standard program includes, content updates, images, and support via call and email. From WordPress Maintenance to ecommerce Maintenance, we provide all kind of website maintenance and support services to safeguard both the short and long-term success of your online marketing. It also comprises revising, editing, or otherwise changing prevailing web pages to keep your website up to date.

Performance Optimization

Our exhaustive maintenance checklist ensures your website performs at the best. BRS elevate your e-commerce store or WordPress Website to provide your end users with the best experience.

Content and Backup

The benefit of our maintenance program is you can add, edit and update content as and when desirable. And we take regular backup to shelter you from any tragedy.

Tech Support

BRS technical support team will repetitively update you. They will help you every time and not in any major cases but also in minor things too.


Fixes and Developments

To make your website bug free, we do regular website health check-ups, improvements, update the WordPress core, plugins, and themes.

Functionality Check

We check whether all forms are working correctly and whether review mails are getting established. We also check for broken links on the website and resolve them.

Hack & Virus Proof

Our Security employments prevent and protect from hacking, malware, and viruses. In any shunned situation of hack or malware, our technical team takes it on most priority to resolve the issue.

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